Borderlands 3: Love, Guns and Tentacles – Review

Borderlands 3 is the quintessential looter-shooter. Even if you haven’t played it within the months after it launches, it’s one of those shooters in which you can just pick up and play with no trouble. So a Moxxi theme DLC and a uber-hard Malwan raid later, how does the 2nd one, Love, Guns, and Tentacles, fare compared to the main game? Quite well really.

Wedding Anarchy

This new story takes place in an Icy Lovecraftian setting where your character is there to watch the wedding of Hammerlock and Wainwright, whose wedding is being handled by ultimately best Borderlands 2 playable character (don’t @ me), Gaige and Deathtrap who is now older and a lot smaller than I remember.

Immediately the design speaks on its own the moment you drop on the level start, A Massive tentacle monster looms over the planet and towns and every NPC looks as if they have seen something evil and gained their own set of curses, to hilarious effects. 

The wedding is, of course, derailed when a Husband and Wife cult get involved and the story really kicks in when you get to do your Vault Hunter thing and kill all the cultists as usual. It’s built up right until the final boss is quite nice, as you traverse the planet and uncover it’s dark nature.

H.P Sidequestrian (Yeah, That’s Not A Word)

It’s side quests are quite in-theme too, with you helping out a noir detective discovering an old Cold Case with him having no recollection of his memory and even finding the food equivalent of the Necronomicon where it’s quest giver is a sort of a G-Man like lodge owner whose speech patterns really makes you think Gearbox releasing this DLC a day or two after Half-Life Alyx is no coincidence.

Though quite fetch questy at times, I think this DLC has nailed the flow of how a side-story mission that Borderlands 2 had nailed years before and this serves as a good example that Gearbox is leaning towards a good direction for the next two expansions. Heck, the issue where your character in cutscene doesn’t exist has been mended with some personal interactions in them now, which is a good Quality of Life change.

Closing Thoughts

Given the premise, it’s a nice borderlands experience with the battles getting hectic at times and it’s bosses with not one, two but THREE Heath bars, it’s a good challenge for even the veterans of vault hunters. I recommend doing this when you have completed the story campaign and you need a little pick me up to reach level 50. 

So, is it worth the 60 Malaysia Ringgit asking price? Yeah, it is.

Borderlands 3 is now out on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Read our initial review here.

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