Borderlands 3 Gets Boosted Eridium Drops And Discounts This Week

The third week of the Borderlands 10-year anniversary celebration is coming. Following last week’s boosted rare spawns, now we are getting boosted drops for Eridium in Borderlands 3. These purple shards are the second, rarer currency that are used to buy cosmetics from Crazy Earl, anointed weapons from Crazy Earl’s vending machine, using certain slot machines and ammo for that one particular gun.

With this event live, Eridium can drop on standard enemies, with even more drops happening on Mayhem Mode. All Eriduim purchases from Crazy Earl and slot machines are also discounted. The slot machines can drop legendary gear.

The Show Me The Eridium event will go live on October 15th, 3PM PDT (October 16th, 6AM Malaysian Time, +8 GMT).

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Source: Borderlands

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