Biped Is A Cute Co-Op Puzzler Where You Control Each Legs Individually, Out Now

Fancy a co-op game in these times where you are supposed to be stuck at home? Here’s a cool one that just got released. It’s called Biped, developed by Chinese-based NEXT studios (Metal Revolution, Unheard, Iris.Fall) and published by Meta.

In Biped, you take control of a pair of bots- Aku and Sila- where moving around is already a task itself. Their legs are controlled individually- left stick (or left mouse click) for the left leg, and right stick (or right mouse click) for the right leg.

Biped can be played solo, or with a co-op buddy via couch/local multiplayer or online. Puzzles will involve the two bots working together- one activating a platform for another, or connect each other with a rope to swing across chasms, for example.

If you love the co-op from Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (or the more obscure Adventures Of Cookie & Cream), Biped may be worth a look. It’s also selling well, featured on Steam’s top-selling since launch.

Biped is out now on Steam for RM32, with an early bird discount dropping it to RM27.20

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