Bike Courier Game Parcel Corps Shows Off Smooth Parkour-On-Bike Moves

Developer Billy Goat Entertainment has shared a new trailer for its upcoming game Parcel Corps. And for some reason, they decided to cram in a live-action bit “despite protestations from publisher Secret Mode to ‘stop making live-action trailers and get on with making the bloody game.'”

Parcel Corps has you take on a career as a courier sending parcels to various parts of the town of New Island. And you have the street smarts to navigate various obstacles. Some of the moves you can pull include wallriding, grinding on rails (including grinding upward alongside a flight of stairs), wall jump and an Akira-style bike slide to pass under obstacles.

The traversal moves are nice, though the colour palette sure strikes close to the recently launched Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which too features bike-riding across town. Though Parcel Corps is going for a Courier Crisis tone than a Jet Set Radio one by the looks of it. It has a distinct but acquired taste of satire in its tone. Unless this game will also have funky beats in the soundtrack.

Parcel Corps will see you pick a side between three bicycle courier corporations as they are vying to make the most money in the business. But your biggest threat isn’t other bikers. Over the course of the game more villainous characters will arrive on New Island, including a person literally named Rich Villainé, and you’ll have to save the world by keeping up with the delivery.

Parcel Corps is targeting a 2024 release, coming to PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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