Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Releases On PlayStation, Xbox This September

A new trailer for Team Reptile’s upcoming game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk just dropped, revealing the release date on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has previously locked in a release date for PC (Steam) and Switch. And it looks like if you’re sporting a console from team blue or green, you’re getting it a tad later.

The new trailer, running in just about a minute, gives us a new glimpse of this spiritual successor of Jet Set Radio. Gang members bust in dance moves, travel in style using skateboards, rollerskates, BMX bikes and more, while engaging in graffiti tagging. We even get to see some semblance of violence this time. This isn’t just a feel-good good-vibes action title.

The future where Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is out is near. The game will be out on August 18 for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, and September 1 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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