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Battlefield V Has A New Trailer Showcasing the Single Player Mode


Battlefield V has a new cinematic trailer highlighting its single player mode. Initially teased at E3 2018, here we get to have a proper look of what sort experience it will be, sort of.

Like Battlefield 1, Battlefield V’s single player is War Stories, a series of different campaigns highlighting different parts of the war, this time based on World War II. Four campaigns are mentioned in the official description and they are:

  • Nordlys: Resist German occupation in Norway,
  • Under No Flag: Sabotage behind enemy lines as an unlikely English soldier.
  • Tirailleur: Fight for a home you’ve never seen in.
  • The Last Tiger: Join the crew of a Tiger I as they question why they fight.

The Last Tiger will be available post-launch in December. More details about the campaigns will be explained in an upcoming blog post by developers DICE.

Battlefield V will be out on November 20th for the PS4, PC (via Origin) and Xbox One.

via Reddit