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Bastion and Transistor’s Developers Next Game Pyre Releases July 25


Supergiant Games has a great track record for an indie game. Their past two works, the action RPG Bastion and the more strategic RPG Transistor has received much praise for not only good gameplay mechanics, but excellent world-building and story.

Now it’s time to explore another completely new world in Pyre. The “party-based RPG” takes you leading a band of exiles teaming up to compete in ancient competitions across the world. It’s actually more of a sports game albeit a fictional one.

There is a single player campaign that will continue to flow despite you losing any of the matches. There’s no “game over” screen and no need to retry- take the loss and continue and the story shall reflect that, making each experience stand on its own.

Of course, there is a local multiplayer mode, and Darren Korb, the composer for Bastion and Transistor, reprise his role for Pyre so expect a decent soundtrack.

Pyre comes out on PS4 and PC. The PC price on Steam is RM38.