Automation Builder Techtonica Showcases Monorails, Teases “Railrunning”

Fire Hose Games has revealed an update on the development of upcoming factory builder, automation builder Techtonica. The underground caves of planet Calyx that you can dig to build countless conveyor belt lines will include a logistics solution: monorails.

Monorails can be built to quickly transfer materials from far distances. Of course, building a long line of conveyor belts could produce the same results, but this should be more efficient.

The monorails can directly load and unload from converyour belts via inserters.

While that suggests that these monorails are for transporting goods and materials only, the little tease of “railrunning” should indicate there will be a practical use of those rails for players as well. Looks like a long zip line, or inverted rollercoasters.

The Techtonica demo is currently available, as part of the Steam Base Builder fest that began on January 23. The demo is pretty meaty, as it includes not only a tutorial but also one big area for you to mess around and build your factory.

Techtonica still has no release date yet, but expect to hear more about the game later this year.

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