Astro And Humao Launch Tamago, A New Mobile Livestreaming Platform

Here comes a new challenger. Astro partnered up with Humao, China’s biggest esports livestream platform to launch Tamago, a new mobile livestream app targeting Southeast Asia.

Tamago has the features of what a mobile livestream platform should be- live chat and a tipping system to reward content creators (“virtual gifts, that can be purchased through in app purchases”). It has been soft launched so far, racking up 15,000 users in two months.

The selling point right now is that it is under Astro, so expect their content to be available there. Their gaming channel eGG Network’s exclusive programmes like reality show Symphony of Love, Office Wars and eGG Clan will be available on Tamago. Various tournament broadcasts from eGG like the many Dota 2 majors and minors.

You can even stream the upcoming Hatsune Miku concert live in KL from Tamago this December 16.

“Astro is a clear leader in the content business in Southeast Asia. With Astro’s strength in content and Huomao’s technology, Tamago is well-positioned to drive a new form of entertainment in the region that is made possible with real-time online video streaming,” Naomi Wu, Chief Operating
Officer of Huomao.

While Astro is bolstering Tamago with exclusive streams from celebrities and established personalities, there is of course opportunities for up-and-coming streamers, especially gaming streamers, to start broadcast here, build an audience and most importantly, get paid.

The app (search for Tamago Live) is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store right now for free. Why Astro is making another platform with a name inspired by eggs is still unknown.

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