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Anthem’s New Trailer Breaks Down Its Gameplay Loop And Customisation Options


Anthem is Bioware’s new IP and instead of a story-focused single-player RPG, it’s now multiplayer looter-shooter. If you have not kept up on all the info about how the game will play, this new trailer should keep you up to speed.

In the first part of the gameplay series breakdown, you get a recap on the world of Anthem. Humanity only lives in fortified shelters and you are a Freelancer, protectors of humanity that are also out to discover the secrets of the world and stop the villains. Yes, there is a story and a cast of characters surrounding it, but not what you expect from a Bioware game.

To do so you have the Javelin exosuits. These Iron Man-like suits comes in four classes, Ranger (versatile, precision), Colossus (brute strength, tank), Interceptor (nimble, hit-and-run) and Storm (light armour, high elemental damage).

You can change to the other Javelins, and each can be customised with gear to create different loadouts and playstyles. It’s a looter-shooter after all, so you can obtain colour-coded loot for the many weapon and gear slots. It also has an overall gear score, the overall big number of how good your gear are for endgame content.

Combat is of the third-person shooter variety with plenty of abilities to use that can combo into each other. If you’ve played Mass Effect Andromeda (which may not be a good Mass Effect game, but has one of the best gameplay yet), it’s similar to that. Only now you can be flying and hovering all the time.

Missions have a familiar loop of accept, prepare, go in, do the objectives, and get out to see the results screen. The open world can also be traversed without going on active missions too.

Anthem will be out on February 22nd on PS4, PC (Origin) and Xbox One. A VIP demo is coming soon to those that pre-ordered while a public demo is set to happen on February 1st.