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Another Beta For Metal Gear Survive Coming Up, This Time It Includes PC


If one weekend of a beta test is not enough, why not another weekend to test out Metal Gear Survive? The spinoff takes the gameplay mechanics of previous Metal Gear Solids and turn it into a co-op survival game. With zombies.

It’s not exactly something that will surpass previous Metal Gears, and not something to make you forgive the atrocities of Konami years past, but it can be fun with friends, up to a party of four, around.

Unlike the first beta, PC players can also join in this time. Three missions in two different maps will be available. It will use the same beta client as the first beta, with a patch coming through for those that yet to uninstall it.

Expect to see the beta goes live from February 16th to 18th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.