Ambitious Space Game Star Citizen Has Raised Over $250,000,000 USD Of Total Crowdfunding

$250 million USD, and then some. Star Citizen, the ambitious space sim from the creator of the Wing Commander series, is still racking in money. A huge load.

Developers Cloud Imperium Games first crowdfunded the game via Kickstarter in 2012, seeking $500,000 USD. Seven years later, now handling the crowdfunding straight from their own site, they have raised over $250 million USD (roughly over 1 billion ringgit) as of this December. The recent CitizenCon held in November has resulted in a surge of new funding, which Alt Char, which has been actively reporting on the game’s development, expected to only be hit by next year.

Star Citizen is one ambitious space sim. You play in the first-person, you can pilot space ships, but also go out and explore the planets on foot. There is an FPS component, space ship racing, space ship combat, a separate story mode with big actors like Mike Hamill, and a persistent universe.

It’s wildly ambitious- first expected to launch in 2014, it is still in alpha, with various components of the game playable, but still in development.

Yet there is still strong fan support, as seen from the success of the crowdfunding. Hopefully, at the end of the project there is a playable game, because that would be a huge waste of more than $250 million USD.


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