All The Game Announcements From The Nintendo E3 Direct

Nintendo really came out guns blazing with their Nintendo Direct, cramming in plenty of games, as well as the inevitable Bowser joke for new President of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser.

No More Heroes 3:

After a cryptic tweet by Suda51, Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes 3. No More Heroes 3 comes to Nintendo Switch some time in 2020.

Daemon Ex Machina

The spiritual successor to Armored Core got a new trailer and release date, coming out September 13th, 2019. Get in the robot.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s extraterrestrial antics continue with Luigi’s Mansion 3. With a co op mode and the ability to fling objects around for damage, Luigi’s going to learn how bustin’ makes him feel good. Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out some time in 2019.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

The next two DLC fighters have been announced, with The Hero from DragonQuest and a surprise inclusion of Banjo and Kazooie as well. The Hero drops in the summer, while Banjo comes in the autumn.

Here’s all the other games from Nintendo Direct:

Animal Crossing New Horizon

Astral Chain

Link’s Awakening

Dark Crystal Tactics

Dragon Quest XI S

Link’s Awakening

Trials of Mana

The Witcher 3

Fire Emblem Three Houses

All The Resident Evil Games are coming to Switch, eventually.

Contra Rogue Corps, as well as a Contra Collection

Panzer Dragoon

Empire of Sin

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Cadence of Hyrule

Mario and Sonic 2020 Olympics

Breath of the Wild Sequel Now In Development



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