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After Six Months, Singaporean-Made Horror Game Stifled Finally Available In PS Store Asia

Better late than never


Stifled, the horror game that you can only see what you here, was out just in time for Halloween last year. Made by Gattai Games, this is the first game by the Singaporean developers published by Sony.

But it has been oddly absent for quite some time from PS Store Asia- the release was only for the West. But after six months, it’s out. Finally.

The game is both playable in VR or sans VR on the PS4. It will fully support the Thai language, with a Japanese release coming soon.

We loved what we played of Stifled back at PSX SEA 2017, and should it looks like up your alley you can grab it now for only RM79.

Gattai Games are now working on using the echolocation mechanic but for a shooter called Muffled Warfare.