3D Sandbox Adventure RPG The Bloodline Out Now In Early Access

Here’s a fascinating new game released on Steam Early Access. The Bloodline is a freeform adventure RPG developed by Miles Whittaker at Shieldbearer Studio published by Hook.

It’s a solo developer game way you where you can swing swords, use magic, craft weaponry, and adventure freely in what looks like an open world, in first-person or third-person.

You can also join guilds, go on hunts, follow on questlines that involve forming bonds between kingdoms, build a village, go fishing, ride on beasts, prepare for a goblin invasion and more.

Also, every action you do in The Bloodline has an associated level, so you can be really good at jumping, climbing and.. ragdolling.

Squint past the low-poly aesthetic and you might see traces of The Elder Scrolls. Look at the trailer and tell me if you’re not getting some Bethesda game vibes out of it.

Granted, all the marketing for this fascinating indie game has shied away from making that comparison, and there are plenty of other freeform sandbox games with the likes of Kenshi and Mount & Blade, but it’s hard not to unsee where this sandbox RPG’s inspiration comes from.

The Bloodline is out now on PC via Steam Early Access.

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