2D Roguelike Game Dungreed Releasing On PS4 And Switch This September

Japanese publisher Pikii announced that 2D roguelike game Dungreed is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The publisher specialises in bringing indie games to Japan. But for this game, they are also publishing it for release in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Dungreed has you play an adventurer exploring an evolving dungeon to save an entire town from being destroyed. Hence, where the roguelike elements come in- there’s procedural generated levels and a variety of biomes including jungles, lava and… prisons.

You will be collecting weapons from swords to sniper rifles, as well as utilising magic items, to keep on exploring the dungeon.

Dungreed, developed by Team Horay, first launched on PC (Steam) in 2018.

Dungreed will be out on September 24 for the PS4 and Switch.


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