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2011’s FPS Brink Is Now Free On PC


Brink, at its time, seemed promising. It added a lot of mobility to the standard stop and pop FPS gameplay that Call Of Duty popularised. It has parkour, an interesting setting, pretty decent reviews but unfortunately, never found a following.

And six years later, Bethesda is making it free. Yes, free.

While the base game is free, the DLCs are not. But then again the beefiest of them all- Agents Of Change- only costs RM7.20 with the others only RM5 a pop.

It’s surprising to see the almost dead multiplayer game just been made free. If you are curious about the game but never ended up buying it years ago, or just want something new to play over the weekend, give it a download at this link here. Do note that the game is not as optimised on PC. There’s a 30 FPS lock and the game may not run as great on certain configurations.