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1500 Tickets For Seoul Dynasty’s Send-Off Event Were Sold Out In Just 2 Minutes


The first season of the Overwatch League will see all the 12 teams play at the new Blizzard Arena, providing more time for teams to set up infrastructure and make their own venues for matches. Seoul Dynasty held a fan gathering together as as send off party for the all-Korean lineup, which was very well received.

The press release we received claims that over 1500 tickets were sold out within 2 minutes of it being on sale, a new record for fan meeting in the gaming industry.

The “Fan-tastic” fan meeting was held in Incheon Paradise City Hotel. The final roster of Seoul Dynasty introduced themselves and a round of high fives were given. Attendees also got the chance to watch them play three matches of Overwatch against fans and streamers with a twist- a random penalty was thrown after each match.

The after-party saw the players greet and speak with the fans directly with group photos and Q&A sessions.

EscA and Leetaejun, former Lunatic-Hai players who are now signed as PUBG players for Seoul Dynasty’s owner KSV, were also in attendance.

Ryujaehong, the world-famous support player, is now elected as the captain for Seoul Dynasty. “Today’s game with fans was a precious memory. The emotions and talks we shared during the match were remarkable. I am very grateful to the fans who came all the way here to this event,” said Ryujehong.

Also announced was ex-GC Busan coach HoCheol Lee a.k.a. Hocury will join as a coach. Hocury led the the hype train to Busan, helping the boys to be crowned champions for the season 4 of OGN Overwatch Apex and the 2017 APAC Premier.

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“Seoul Dynasty is a great team, and I’m glad to be in this journey to the inaugural Overwatch league championship,” said Hocury. “To unleash the potentials of each and every one of the players, I will muster up and give everything I’ve got in both strategic and team coordination ways to win the championship.”

The first exhibition matches for the Overwatch League begins December 6 with the inaugural season starting on January 10 next year.

Image header courtesy of Seoul Dynasty