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KSV Esports Now Has A Pro PUBG Team


KSV (Korea + Silicon Valley) Esports has announced today that they have formed a professional team for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). KSV, who also owned the Overwatch League team Seoul Dynasty, announced the four players- all of them occupying the top 4 rankings in the Korea and Japan server.

Here are the four players. The press release also includes their achievements in Special Force and Black Squad, popular FPS games in Korea.

  • ‘EscA’ In Jae Kim, 2011 Korea-Taiwan Special Force Proleague Championship & 2011 T World Special Force Proleague MVP
  •  ‘Leetaejun’ Tae Jun Lee, 2012 Special Force 2 Proleague Season 2 MVP & 2015 Black Squad BSN Season 3 MVP
  • ‘Aloha’ Kyung Hoon Cho, 2010 Shinhan Bank Special Force Master League Grand Final Champion & MVP player
  •  ‘Simsn’ Young Hoon Shim, 2012 T World Special Force 2 Proleague Season 1 Champion & 4G LTE Special Force 2 Proleague Season 2 Champion

For those familiar with the Overwatch esports scene, the first four names will sound familiar. EscA was part of team Korea in last year’s Overwatch World Cup and was first signed to be a part of Seoul Dynasty. But as hinted last week in these tweets, he is now part of the PUBG team. Leetaejun was part of Lunatic-Hai before retiring from Overwatch. Aloha had played with the now defunct ROX Orcas earlier this year.

Simsn is the only one that may have not been in the international radar yet. Outside of his achievements in Special Force, he is also a proud family man. “I joined the team with a special responsibility, because I now have a family of my own,” he said about joining KSV.

“As a proud father of my two children, and a dedicated husband, I will do my best at home and the game.”

KSV is looking to have an eight player roster for PUBG and is currently looking for more top players as well as support staff such as coaches and managers.