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You Can Finally Change Your PSN ID Starting Next Year


It’s finally here. One of the most requested features for PSN is the ability to change ID names. Other services like Steam and Xbox Live have offered such options but after a long, long wait, it’s now coming.

The first name change is free, but subsequent changes will be billed accordingly. For the US, it will cost $9.99 USD (roughly RM41.51). Name change can be made by going through the Settings menu or the Profile page on the PS4.

However, it will not be a seamless transition. Games released after April 1st 2018 should handle the name changes normally, but games released past that date may see limited compatibility. As in, there will be games on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita that may not recognise your new ID. Should this happen, you will not be charged should you wish to roll back to your older ID to get your older games working again.

A list of games that supports the name change will be made available once the PSN ID change goes live in early 2019. Right now, those who signed up for the PS4 system software betas will get to try this feature out.

Source: Playstation Blog