You Can Control The Other Party Members In Final Fantasy XV In The Upcoming “First Anniversary Update”

A year ago, Final Fantasy XV was released. The game had a tumultuous development and it turned out rather decent. But surprisingly, the game is still being worked on, with added features coming in alongside DLC offerings.

But there will more content to come. Announced during the latest Active Time Report livestream, the First Anniversary Update will allow you to control the other party members outside of Noctis in the main game. Each character plays a bit differently like they are in each of their respective DLC.

More details about the upcoming Episode Ignis DLC was revealed. It will have twice the number of cutscenes than Episode Prompto, about two hours long and will have multiple endings and a boss battle.

There will more content to come. Episode Ardyn, focusing on the suave antagonist is announced to be in the works.


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