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Yoshimitsu Unveiled For Soul Calibur VI

Another old favourite returns


Yoshimitsu is a recurring character in both Tekken and Soul Calibur. While he appears wildly different each time in Tekken, Yoshimitsu only has slight changes to his design throughout the Soul Calibur series. The same goes for Soul Calibur VI, which has announced the bladed ninja as part of the character roster.

In Soul Calibur, Yoshimitsu is a title for those that wield the Yoshimitsu sword. In Soul Calibur V, which features a generation leap with a major character roster change, the mantle was passed to a different user. The Yoshi in VI- “The Original Mechanical Ninja”- looks more closely to the one last seen in V, but with a more wicked mask and armour and his moveset should be rather familiar.

Check out the reveal trailer:

Soul Calibur VI is still on track for a 2018 release for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Via Siliconera