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Yes, You May Now Listen To D’Angelo’s “Unshaken” From Red Dead Redemption II On Various Streaming Platforms


Red Dead Redemption II, Rockstar Games’ big-budget open world Western game from last year, has a quality line of soundtrack. Now you can listen to one of the most powerful and memorable song from the soundtrack on various streaming platforms.

Previously known as “May I? Standing Unshaken – Oh Traveller Have A Seat”, “Unshaken” by D’Angelo is out now as a single. It can also be streamed and listened on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Unshaken” plays in a few pivotal moments of the story about the fall of the Van Der Linde Gang in a rampantly modernising America. We talked in length about the moment in our spoiler-laden feature here, and the moment you first time hear the song in the game is why Red Dead Redemption II won Best Story in our GOTY Awards 2018.

Source: Rockstar Intel