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Wan Hazmer Shares First Details Of His New Game Development Studio, Metronomik


Celebrated Malaysian game developer Wan Hazmer has shared the first details of his new development studio, now called Metronomik. This is the new studio he mentioned he is forming after leaving Square Enix.

Over on his Facebook page, he unveiled the name and reasoning of the studio name. It has turned the metronome into an adjective, spelled in Bahasa Malaysia.

“I’m a firm believer that rhythm is a huge part of our lives,” he said. “However, considering that games imitate life nowadays, rhythm is sadly under-utilized in videos games, and even its industry as a whole.

“Like how music integrates with gameplay. How individual and collective pace affect production and private lives. How precisely-planned momentum can drive an industry to grow exponentially. And how an open and empty sheet of music can educate young minds.”

This doesn’t mean the studio is looking to make rhythm games however. The idea is to marry music and audio with gameplay approachable to everyone using their own IPs. We have seen dynamic music being used in some games, but Hazmer’s vision for the studio goes further than that.

Metronomik will have two bases, the main one being in Komune, Bangsar South. This is the same location where LevelUp Inc, MDEC’s incuabator and shared work space for local indie developers are located. In addition, Hazmer has created a business development hub in Tokyo.

If you think you are ready to join the new local studio, Metronomik has a few opening which he detailed in his post.

Source: Wan Hazmer’s Facebook page