Valorant, Riot Games’ New FPS, Launches On June 2 (Including In Southeast Asia)

Riot Games’ new FPS, Valorant, has a launch date. Previously known as Project A, the CS:GO by way of Overwatch FPS has been undergoing closed beta for a few months, with the intended target of releasing in the summer. A few more months time.

In an announcement stream, as part of the Summer Game Fest, Riot announced it’s coming in two weeks, in June.

Valorant will be launching in almost every part of the world, exclusion right now are Vietnam and Taiwan. India and countries in the Middle East will have to use servers in SEA and EU respectively, which means higher latency. Though efforts to make the game properly available everywhere is still in the works.

For Southeast Asia, Valorant will be available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and Traditional Chinese. When it launches in Vietnam, it will include Vietnamese language as well.

The launch will see new game modes, new agents (characters), and maps added.

Valorant has been very bullish with its push for the FPS having all the features for a competitive game. 128-tick servers around the world, minimal spec requirements to run at 30fps, and a strong commitment to anti-cheat. Maybe too strong. Valorant’s anti-cheat system, Vanguard, has caused backlash due to to its requirement of being turned on even when Valorant is not running and other concerns, which Riot continues to address.

Valorant promises a 5v5 tactical FPS where aim matters, with character abilities that acts as utility tools rather than game-changing powers. So it’s more CS:GO than Overwatch in this regard.

Valorant will be out on June 2 on PC. It will be free-to-play and available to download on the official website here.


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