Two Mobile PUBG Games is Coming to China

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is current one of the most played game on Steam worldwide. This is a fact.

Now what if I tell you that the creators, PUBG Corperation, is working with the biggest company in China, Tencent, to create not one but two PUBG games for mobile, what would you think,surprised? Well, here they are now.

Thanks to Niko Partner Analyst, Daniel Ahmad. we know that the game’s will be developed by Tencent’s in-house developers, TIMI Studios, and two outside studios. Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. The one made by TIMI will have a more arcadey feel to it while by the looks of the trailer for the 2nd game, it more akin to the original game.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this two Unreal Engine 4 powered games will run on our phones, since there are already many Battle Royale games that can run 100 players matches without any noticeable hitches but on different engines.

Both games will release sometime next year for iOS and Android and you guys can see both of the game’s trailer down below.


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