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Train Like A Dota Pro- Academy Of Esports Offering Dota 2 Bootcamp (For Free)


Want to up your Dota game? With the many success Malaysian players have been seeing in the game, it has attracted a lot of interest from non-endemic organisations to invest in the scene. Now there’s a variety of choices to get proper coaching and training in the art of defending ancients.

One new initiative is spearheaded by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), the group leading the urban development project in Johor- Iskandar Malaysia. They have also established their own esports education institute: The Academy Of Esports (AOES).

“We at AOES, are excited to be the first to launch Malaysia’s full-fledged professional Esports education facility, which would enable passionate aficionados to further their career in the Esports industry. All these wouldn’t be possible without IIB’s assistance and continuous support in making our dream a success,” said Kiran Lam, CEO of AOES.

AOES is the stepping stone to establish Iskandar Malaysia as “the esports hub of Southeast Asia”, claimed IIB’s President and CEO, Datuk Ir. Khairil Anwar Ahmad.

To kickstart things, AOES will hold a Dota 2 Training Bootcamp. Starting October 9, 40 players will undergo a six day bootcamp. The bootcamp will run for 8 weeks, so 320 players can join in.

It looks like they will be doing the whole pro player routine: scrims, reviewing VODs, and even going online for some pubstomping. These activities are supplemented with personality tests and culminates with a stress test tournament between bootcamp participants. The courses will be led by Wilson “ShenGG” Quak, Yusuf “Groov” Razak and Kieran “ZergRush” Lam, along with “industry experts”.

It’s an interesting proposition, and any aspiring Dota players who can be there should try and see if it’s as good as it sounds on paper. The launch of AOES has the backing of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation  (MDEC) and sponsors HP, which will be providing their Omen gaming laptops.

The course is totally free and you can add RM100 for accommodation. It’s open for those with 3500 solo MMR and above, and must be above 16 years old. You can register solo or as a team of five. More info on how to register can be found here.