Trackmania (2020) Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary With New Summer Season (And A Sale)

Trackmania (2020), at first revealed as a Trackmania Nations reboot, only to just be known simply as Trackmania, is now one year old.

To anniversary milestone is celebrated with the arrival of the new Summer 2021 campaign, which offers 25 new maps for all players to set times and get medals. This is just the usual seasonal map change, every three months new maps get added, which is available for everyone during that season.

The Summer 2021 campaign maps will make use of the new water physics which got added in a previous update, which also adds Royal mode. So this year’s Summer maps will be something quite different.

Ubisoft also revealed that within the first year, Trackmania (2020) has seen 132,000 custom maps created and more than 61 million personal records being set.

Trackmania may be an arcade racing game that can be played with only the arrow keys of the keyboard, but there is a competitive scene (yes, esports) as well as a speedrunning community that is well and alive. That 61 million records that have been set so far shows how dedicated its community is in search of perfection.

Also, if you have dabbled in Trackmania and wanted to upgrade to try out the more advanced features not available on the Free edition, the Club edition of the game is currently at a discount on the Ubisoft Store. The one-year Club Edition is 20% off (for RM76) and the three-year Club Edition is 25% off (for RM141.75).

Trackmania is out now on PC on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

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