Trackmania (2020) Adds Royal Mode, Ranked Matchmaking, And Water

The latest (and free-to-play) reincarnation of Trackmania has added a new mode and is celebrating summer with a lot of new appropriately themed blocks.

The new mode, Royal, has you racing through 20 different maps, with one new map going into the rotation every day. It’s team-based battle royale, the last team alive and not eliminated wins the match.

Also, there’s new blocks and tilesets to make your own crazy track. You can put in water (where cars can bounce over at the right speeds or just dive into), plastic blocks and dynamic items.

The addition of the new plastic blocks, water and a battle royale has turned Trackmania into something like Fall Guys. We did compare Fall Guys as Trackmania with the collision physics always set to on before, so now we have come full circle.

Anyway, if you prefer competition, there is now Ranked Matchmaking mode as well.

Both new modes are available to access in Trackmania’s Starter Access version. As in, it’s part of the free-to-play version.

Trackmania (2020) is available on PC for the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

Source: Trackmania

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