Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross Are Your Free PS Plus Games For December In Asia

The last free games offer for PS Plus this year is a strong one. Titanfall 2, Respawn’s seminal FPS that spawn the battle royale game Apex Legends, is free for December 2019.

Titanfall 2 brings fast-paced aim-down-sights FPS with a lot of mobility and, most importantly, mechs. While the game shines as a multiplayer title, it also has a really good single-player campaign.

The other game is Monster Energy Supercross. This is one of the many racing games developed by KT Racing and published by Bigben. It may be a B-game with not much hype, but hey, everyone like Monster Energy now that we live in a post-Death Stranding world, right?

The two games are offered in all regions, including Asia. For Asia, the two games will be available to download from December 4th to January 7th.

Now’s the best time to renew your PS Plus subscription too. If you buy a code card from retailers, you’ll get two extra months to your subscription. Renewing it online via PS Store Asia is 25% off.

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