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Death Stranding Is A Video Game And It’s Out Now, PC Pre-Orders Available On Steam And Epic Games Store


Hideo Kojima has indeed made a video game. It’s called Death Stranding. And it’s out now on PS4. If you’re excited for Norman Reedus’ Delivery Service, then go hunt for copy right now.

There is a launch trailer, it’s almost eight minutes long and apparently it’s a bit on spoilery side, even if the many scenes have no context about it. But if you want to know more about the world where babies can see ghosts and people can get addicted to getting likes from sending packages, then go on ahead.

Alternatively, we had the folks from Kakuchopurei to talk about the game on dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast, given that they have played it to the end ahead of release.

Death Stranding will also be making its way on PC next year. Store pages for Death Stranding are now live. It is available on Steam, priced at RM239 and at Epic Games Store, at $59.99 USD (around RM247). Yes, it’s not an Epic Store exclusive, despite publishers 505 Games having a few Epic exclusives like Control.