Timberborn Celebrates 1 Million Sales Milestone With A Better Early Access Trailer

Beaver-based city-builder Timberborn has sold more than 1 million copies, developers Mechanistry announced. And to celebrate the milestone, and to show off how much has changed since the game first released in Early Access back in 2021, they have released a “Better Early Access” trailer.

Timberborn is still in Early Access, but this better trailer shows off how much the city-builder has been adding content and features over the years.

And this includes teasers for upcoming new features in Update 5, coming soon.

Timberborn is a city-builder in a world where humans have left Earth in ruin, leaving the aspiring beavers to rebuild society. It features tile-based buildings, a water physics system and what’s dubbed as “lumberpunk”, cool machinery operated simply via wood and water mechanisms.

Timberborn is still in Steam Early Access, but it’s definitely getting better.

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