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This Video Talks About Saltiness In Fighting Games, How To Make Them Fair And The Most Broken Fighting Game People Still Play

"git gud" is not the only way


Core-A Gaming’s new video title may sound like either a chemical analysis or even a cooking video, but “Analysis: The Effects of Salt” is talking about the video game kind of salt- the feeling of bitterness over a loss.

This is very common in tournaments, in fact it is sort of embraced within the fighting game community, but we can see it across other games as well, whenever players feel a sense of unfairness.

Core-A Gaming elegantly brings various studies and interviews to bring up how saltiness happens and how can we overcome it. This includes breaking down very specific moves that to the casual viewer may see as a bug and some examples of how fighting games have evolved to be better accommodate more players.

Be sure to watch until the end, where we get to see the very example of a broken game where it is still played today, despite the dangerous level of toxicity it generates.