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This Video Chronicles The Evolution Of The First Two Street Fighter Games


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will include all of the Street Fighter games prior to Street Fighter IV, which is about 12 different games.

Throughout its 30 years, there’s been plenty of Street Fighter games, maybe too many for our current standards. But each version has its history and significance to the series, and who better to talk about it then pro player turned commentator and all-around good man in the fighting games community James Chen, to talk us through it.

In this video, Chen dives deep into the first two numbered titles. The original Street Fighter is a far cry from the modern fighting games we see- the foundation we see today is mostly seen from Street Fighter II that introduces combos, a big roster that continues to grow after each new version and the many iconic world warriors still present in its latest entry: Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection comes out on May 29th for the PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.