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There’s A New Portal Game Announced That Is Not What You Would Have Expected


The running joke of Valve not being able to count to three continues, but in a different way. A new Portal game was just announced but it’s not Portal 3, and it’s also not a first-person puzzler.

In fact, it’s a bridge construction game.

Bridge Construction Portal is what you imagine it is, a physics-based puzzler about moving from point A to point B but with bridges rather than portals.

This is not developed by Valve, but a German company called Headup Games. They have a history of publishing indie games for European releases for various platforms. The mobile game Bridge Constructor is also published by Headup, which is the basis of this new Portal game.

So it’s more of a game with a Portal theme rather than the other way around. It will make use of the crazy tools from Aperture science, including portals rather than just making you build bridges, so maybe it can still be its own fun game.

Bridge Constructor Portal will be out on PC (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and mobile devices (iOS and Android) on December 20. It will also be available for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch early next year.