There’s A Demo For Football Manager 2019, Out Now

And also for Football Manager Touch 2019

Football Manager 2019 is upon us. The spreadsheet simulator/in-depth RPG about footballers from around the world is closing to a full release and now you can get a sampler of it for free.

There is now a demo for Football Manager 2019 and the more streamlined Football Manager Touch 2019 on PC via Steam. You can download them here and here respectively. There’s a “Download PC Demo” button on the right side of the page.

The demo lets you play half a of a season, with the saves compatible with the full release should you purchase them.

Football Manager 2019 features a new lick of paint, but it also added some significant changes to the already in-depth simulator. Also, there’s an even better tutorial to help new managers getting a grasp of the many things you can do and for the first time ever, a fully-licensed Bundesliga, with 36 teams across its top two division.

The game is out now on PC.

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