There Are Technical And Legal Reasons Why Football Manager Saves Cannot Be Carried Over To Newer Releases

Ever thought of a cool idea where Football Manager starts in a few years before the current year, and as each year passes in-game you start to see similar transfers that happened in real life or new, real players coming into the database rather than newgens/regens? Or maybe have your save carried over from one FM to another?

Unfortunately, there are severe technical and legal barriers that prevent this from happening. Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson has detailed the many hurdles to make this happen to PC Gamer.

First, the legal reason. “When we do our licensing deals, they are for a specific season and there comes a point where you have to stop selling the game as well,” Jacobson said. “We only have the license for that club data, for example, for that particular season.”

Next is the technical reason, which sums up as needing to add more compatibility in the back-end to make all those data work.

“You have more features, you’re adding more data or tweaking the way it works. Those databases can’t transfer back because the game will be going: sorry, what’s this number? What does this mean?

“Again, even if we found a technical way to do it, from a legal perspective it’s: nope.”

These factors are also why FM will always have an annual release. Unless there is a change on how the licensing works and Sports Interactive figured how to make save imports work across all the games, we will always need to get a new game each year for the latest features and player database.

Source: PC Gamer


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