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The Sole Acer Predatror 21 X In Malaysia Worth RM39,999 Now Has A Proud Owner


And… sold! Remember the monstrous Acer Predator 21 X laptop? There is one out of the limited 300 units available in Malaysia and it costs RM39,999- enough to buy a cheap car here. It looks like someone decided to take the offer amd bought this gargantuan gaming laptop.

That person is Arsyan Ismail, 34. “Life is short, enjoy what you can, buy while you still can,” he said when asked what prompted him to purchase it. YOLO indeed.

The Acer Predator 21 X has a 21-inch curved screen, an overclocked Intel i7 7th-gen processor, dual Nvidia Geforce 1080 GTX, mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, a touchpad that can be turned upside down into a numpad, five cooling fans (three of them being Acer’s trademark Aeroblade fans), and a Tobii eye tracker, all wrapped up with a custom Pelican briefcase.

As we remarked on the original story, this is hardly a practical device nor is it for everyone- it’s like why supercars exist when most people would better off buy cheaper, more practical cars. Fittingly enough, Arsyan compared owning the Predator 21 X akin to having a Lamborghini.

Hopefully he can get enough time to game on the machine to get his money’s worth.