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The Monstrous Acer Predator 21 X Is Available In Malaysia For RM39,999


Calling all bangsawan gamers in Malaysia. Acer Malaysia has launched the Acer Predator 21 X here. It’s one monstrous gaming laptop. 21 inch curved screen, dual Nvidia Geforce 1080 GTX, mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, a touchpad that can be turned upside down into a numpad, five cooling fans (three of them being Acer’s trademark Aeroblade fans), a Tobii eye tracker.

It even comes with its own custom briefcase made by Pelican.

This limited range of gaming laptop available for purchase in Malaysia. The one we saw here at IOI Putrajaya was model 223 of only 300 units. The price is a whopping RM39,999, enough to buy a car here. Acer is looking for serious buyers only. If you happen to be one, contact them by emailing at It will be on first paid basis.

This is one premium monster of a gaming laptop. It’s not for everyone, but think of it like a supercar. It’s expensive, it’s excessive, not everyone can own one but its existence excites us that the tech to bring all the cool features are possible, and sometime in the future it will be seen in more affordable forms.

If you happen to be at IOI Putrajaya this week, there will be a roadshow where you could get a peek of the Predator 21 X in person. There is a showcases all the Predator gaming series that are available here as well as demo stations with games installed for you to try out. There’s a VR demo station as well. Come check out the Predator gaming line, as well as other Acer devices there until this Sunday, 21st May.