The Outer Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch On March 6th

Mark your calendars, Switch players. Obsidian’s latest RPG The Outer Worlds now has a release date for Nintendo Switch.

As shared on the Obsidian forums, it will be out on March 6th. It does come with a physical release, and by physical, we mean “just a box with a download code”. So you better off getting it on the Nintendo eShop if you don’t want an empty box.

The Outer Worlds is pretty good. Our review is a glowing one, we break down one of the coolest aspects of the game which is how nuanced its world-building can be, and it made it to Gamer Matters’ Top 10 Games Of 2019. Come March 6th you can embark on your space adventures on the go as well.

Obsidian is working on future DLC that further expands the story, which is coming this year.

Source: Obsidian


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