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The New Tactical Legacy Pack DLC For XCOM 2 Celebrates The Reboot’s Six-Year Anniversary

free for PC players for a limited time


Firaxis’ successful reboot of XCOM started with the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on October 9, 2012. From there, the series saw another expansion (Enemy Within) and a sequel (XCOM 2) which also has a game-changing expansion (War Of The Chosen).

To celebrate the six-year anniversary of the reboot, Firaxis is launching the Tactical Legacy Pack DLC for XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen.

The Tactical Legacy Pack will add in a few new game modes. Legacy Ops is a series of tactical missions linked with a story, no ant-farm base management here. The Legacy Ops will have you control Central Officer Bradford- one of the key characters from XCOM Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, as part of his resistance squad in a time in-between the two games mentioned.

There are four main missions from the Legacy Ops that are an homage to past games, including the original series. There are as follows:

  • Blast from the Past – After the fall of XCOM HQ, Central Officer Bradford begins his journey to build the resistance by returning to where it all began.
  • It Came from the Sea – The broadcast of a fledgling radio DJ is reaching an audience he didn’t intend. It’s up to Central to save the DJ from an endless horde of hungry listeners.
  • Avenger Assemble – Join Lily Shen as she works to retrofit the Avenger into a new home for the growing forces of a reinvigorated XCOM.
  • The Lazarus Project – ADVENT is kidnapping key members of the resistance, and it’s up to Central to rescue some of XCOM’s most renowned operatives.

The second one should give experienced commanders from Enemy Within some nasty flashbacks.

The other two modes is skirmish mode that lets you set up your own tactical maps with tons of customisation options. Speaking of which, new maps, new customisations for soldiers and photo booth options will all be added into the main campaign as well.

Also you can play the game with the XCOM Enemy Unknown soundtrack or a new one inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defense. Featuring brooding and dark synthwave.

You need to own both the base XCOM 2 and the War Of The Chosen expansion to use this DLC. And for a limited time, starting October 9th to December 3rd, 12.59PM ET (December 4th, 12.59AM Malaysian Time, +8 GMT), PC players can claim it for free. No word yet if the Tactical Leagacy Pack is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

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