The Makers Of Hitman Are Working On A New James Bond Game

IO Interactive has revealed that they are working on a new project. Project 007.

The makers of sandbox-stealth-murder series Hitman will be making a game based on the secret agent James Bond. It will feature an all-new James Bond, and will feature, for the first time, an origin story. This is before he receives the 00 status.

If you think about it, Hitman is already close enough to a modern-day spy game that would suit James Bond. Travel to exotic locations, mingle in crowds, use gadgets or simple weaponry to complete the job. So suffice to say there’s a potentially good game can come from these folks.

It’s been 10 years since the last James Bond game was released. James Bond 007: Blood Stone was developed by the now-defunct Bizarre Creations. While it’s a standalone title with no ties to any books or movies, it still features the current Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig.

With only a working title, Project 007 is still early in development. IO are now currently recruiting for the project, and will be self-publishing the game.

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