The Kolibri, The World’s Smallest Pistol, Is In Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is out by now on PS4, Xbox One and PC and most fans have probably have ran into the trenches and engaged in World War I combat by now. The WWI setting is a huge move for the series, gaining them the recognition from FPS fans that are craving something different than what the new Call Of Duty has to offer. Plus, going WWI lets younger folks be exposed to how the Great War was, well, aesthetically at least.

There are legit complaints that developers DICE did not go full on realism with the setting and only adapting its aesthetics, but at least it is a great way to expose history, and random stuff relating to it, by way of video games. Which is where we find the inclusion Kolibri, the world’s smallest pistol.

That’s not a cheat that minimizes weapon models on the main image there, that’s a legit pistol. The Kolibri (German for “hummingbird”) was produced during 1910-1914 that fires 2.7mm sized bullets. Take a look at this video that explains how the pistol works.

OK, that’s enough history lesson, so how do you find one? This video by Eurogamer pointed out that you just reach rank 10, which unlocks the ability to purchase it. It’s damage is abysmal compare to the rest of the arsenal available to you in the game, even with the other pistols, but the novelty factor is cute and it will bound to spawn Kolibri-only matches, that would be silly to watch or play in.

Plus, it should help you get interested in history with these little additions. See, games do teach something after all.

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