The Gamer Matters Crew’s Top Anticipated Games Post-E3 2018

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E3 2018 has come to a close and what a interesting ride it was. It was the first time we covered the show with livestreams via the Gamer Matters E3 2018 Extravaganza Aftershow. There’s plenty of exciting new games that was announced or shown even more despite the loom of the next generation comes near.

As part of our special E3 Edition of dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast, which is also the last day of our Aftershow livestreams (which can be found on our Facebook page here), we discussed the top 5 games we are now really hyped for thanks to E3. It’s an eclectic mix, but the four main crew also has some overlaps of interest- primarily mechs, one good EA game and Cyberpunk.

Here’s our list. All quotes are excerpts from Episode 8 of dia.log: The Gamer Matters Podcast, so apologies in advance:

Zulhanan (Anan)

5. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed is going more RPG than ever with Odyssey (you see), featuring a choice of two playable characters, conversation choice, large-scale battles for an AC game and romance.

“I still haven’t found any mashup of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with the song from Mario Odyssey.” -Meck

“I assume he wants to play as a Greek lesbian.” -Wam

4. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus continues the story of Metro Last Light. The FPS series will now leave the underground Russian metros into the wide world in the countryside.

“Because… Metro.” -Wam

3. Satisfactory

The first game to be announced at the PC Gaming Show, Coffee Stain’s next game is a automation production simulator in the first person with co-op support.

“I didn’t expect him to put on the list… he got baited.” -Meck

2. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima’s first gameplay footage is dazzling that even an exclusively PC player like Anan was impressed.

The crew cheered to the fact that it will have a Japanese dub.

1.  Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk just showed a cinematic trailer and it’s enough to get us excited. Impressions from behind close doors sessions are also revealing some cool little tidbits on CD Projekt RED’s next big RPG.

Do you know there’s a Cool (CL) stat? The original Cyberpunk 2020 had it.


Danial (Flaky)

5. Resident Evil 2 Remake

You can hear the development studio at Capcom screamed “WE DID IT” for this one. It’s a new take on Resident Evil 2, utilising the RE Engine from Resident Evil 7 (hence the realistic redesigns) and features over-the-shoulder camera gameplay from Resident Evil 4. A good combo.

“If I can handle Chris Redfield [which looked different] in Resident Evil 7, Resi 2 Remake? No problem.” – Danial

4. Wolfenstien Youngblood

Fast forward to the 1980s and apparently the Nazis is still there in the Wolfenstien, at least in this particular one where Youngblood is set. We will now control BJ Blaskowicz’s twin daughters with co-op support.

“The best part, it’s for the Switch as well. “- Danial

3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

The mainline Fire Emblem strategy tactics game for the Nintendo Switch has been revealed.

“Because of course, Fire Emblem.” -Danial, resident Fire Emblem fan

2. Seas Of Solitude

The “One Good Indie Game” that helped us crossed out our E3 bingo card, and arguably the best game shown at EA Play.

“Wow, that game looks gorgeous. I am so interested in the game, I wouldn’t mind playing it on Origin.” -Danial

“The sole EA game on our list.” -Meck

1. Cyberpunk 2077

It’s here again. Do you know that the game will not censor any nudity so you could see the visceralness of the world where every part of the body can be enhanced or augmented with cyber-parts?

“Purely on the fact that I got a Youtube ad for it this morning.” -Danial, proving Youtube ads for games do work

Wan Amirul (Wam)

5. Sea Of Solitude

Another appearance, Sea Of Solitude is described as an exploration game developed by Jo-Mei.

“Wait for my parents to leave for a weekend, get drunk and play Sea Of Solitude and cry myself to sleep.” -Wam

4. Babylon’s Fall

A new IP from PlatinumGames published by Square Enix. Sounds intriguing enough.

“Medieval fantasy and PlatinumGames. Congrats, you have found two ways to win me over.” -Wam

3. Daemon X Machina

This Switch-exclusive mecha action game looks really like an Armored Core game. That’s due to many developers of Armored Core are working on this.

“I’ve seen the trailer for about twenty times today. Been rewatching the trailer because it looks amazing. The devs literally said they want to make ‘ the best damn mecha game’ and I say: ‘Please do.'” – Wam, before his home got under attack by a barrage of fireworks

2. Devil May Cry 5

Pull the Devil Trigger, DMC is back and looking better than ever. It too is using the RE engine, but the combos remain stylish and the action remains over-the-top fun, as it should.

“This pulled my Devil Trigger so good.” -Wam, slightly aroused when he starts talking about DMC 5

“I’m glad that Yu Narukami still looks good with that hairstyle.” – Meck on Nero’s new look

1. Doom Eternal

We bet on a Doom expansion, we saw a full sequel instead. Our bingo card hopes were wrong but boy we’re glad to be wrong on this one.

“Doom is one my first video game I played. Doom 2016 was one of my favourite games that year. Now we have Doom Eternal which looks amazing.” – Wam

Amirul Ashraf (Meck)

5. Sable

Just look at this little indie game about exploration. Now go watch the trailer here. Now, are you excited yet?

“Oh that [Google] Sketchup art style.”- Wam on Sable’s striking aesthetic which he is familiar with

“Even though I don’t enjoy just exploring [in games], but if has that kind of aesthetic, I’m there.” – Meck

4. Daemon X Machina

Another reoccurrence on the list, which shows where the Gamer Matters Crew’s tastes overlap. It has been confirmed that co-op will be available.

“When it’s basically Armored Core, I’m down.” – Meck

3. Cyberpunk 2077

And another one. Did you know that the writer of the Cyberpunk boardgames Mike Pondsmith is also involved with the creation of Cyberpunk 2077?

“That trailer alone sells me that this will be a good game. Then afterwards, when the press stared to talk about the behind closed doors impressions of the game… and they talk a lot of good stuff.” – Meck

2. Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Why so much noise about Metal Wolf? The reason is.. because I am the President of this great United States Of America.

Yes, those two sentences make no sense if you have not followed the two-year journey that has made this cult classic by From Software to be remastered. But Devolver Digital did it, somehow.  Now everyone can see and play this grandiose mecha game with hammy dialogues that’s so bad it’s good.

“I’m invested with the journey that Metal Wolf Chaos has gone… dreams do come true!” – Meck, as he recap how the remaster came to be

1. Hitman 2

It’s more Hitman. After an experimental episodic release in Hitman 2016 that didn’t work out as well, IO Interactive survived after parting ways with Square Enix. And now we have a sequel that’s built on top of the excellent game (marred by shoddy online experience at launch) with new maps, new weapons, new costumes and new ways to kill.

“It’s Hitman again! And I’m fine with that!”- Meck

“I want to go to KLCC again.” -Wam, referencing the original Hitman 2 that has a Kuala Lumpur map, which snowballs into a long conversation of how a modern Hitman game set in KL should be done.

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