The Final Fantasy XV Crossover Content Is Now Available In Assassin’s Creed Origins

The announcement of Square Enix and Ubisoft teaming up for a crossover is still surreal to this day, and it is indeed real. After Final Fantasy XV received its free content update with the Assassin’s Festival, it’s now Assassin’s Creed Origins’ turn to oblige.

A new quest should pop out now named “A Gift From The Gods”. The quest will see some familiar faces, cameos from characters in Final Fantasy XV. Finishing this quest will net you a new sword, a new shield and a new mount, a chocobo camel.

It’s not really a chocobo since it has four legs like a camel.

It’s a cool thing to see big publishers willing to collaborate, even if it is ridiculous. It’s why fighting game fans love the idea of crazy crossovers and guest characters. Fittingly, Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis will also be crossing over to Tekken 7 next month.


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