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The Division’s 1.8 Update, The Biggest Free Update Yet, Now Live


The Division seems to have slowed down after the announcement of developers Massive Entertainment will be involved in making the Avatar game series. But this new 1.8 update proves otherwise. Billed as it’s biggest free update yet, it will add new content as well as tweaking some gameplay features.

The 1.8 update includes a new map expansion with the addition of West Side Pier, a new Resistance mode where you fight waves after waves of enemies and new weapons and a new Skrimish mode, a new 4v4 PvP mode.

You can also manually choose to go rouge or not should one of your squadmates went trigger happy go rogue. Before this, once someone open fire the whole squad will be marked as rogue.

There are tons of other changes, which can all be read in the patch notes here.