The Division Resurgence Launching Later This Year, Pre-Register Now Live

The Division Resurgence, the free-to-play take on Tom Clancy’s The Division for mobile devices, will be releasing in Fall 2023, later this year.

Pre-registrations are now live at this website here.

In addition, players in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia can now pre-register on the Google Play store via regional publisher Level Infinite.

There will be a Regional Beta ahead of The Division Resurgence’s launch open to players in Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Spain, and Sweden.

The Division Resurgence is an attempt to bring AAA level gaming to the mobile space. The urban third-person RPG shooter still has an open world, and has a new storyline set in the vast world of The Division, where a pandemic broke out and collapsed the entire society in America. Sleeper agents from the Strategic Homeland Division, or The Division, are now active and fighting their way to restore order to the country.

The Division Resurgence will be available on iOS and Android.

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