The Division Free Weekend For PC Starting September 14

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The Division Free Weekend For PC Starting September 14

Any plans this weekend? If you have a PC and haven’t checked out The Division yet, Ubisoft is holding a free weekend.

Of course, like most free weekend offers by Ubisoft, the game is also on sale- 60% off on the Ubisoft Store. Progression will be carried over once purchased.

The free weekend starts September 14 7PM CEST (September 15 1AM local time- GMT+8) and ends on September 17 10PM CEST (September 18 4AM local time).

Pre-load is available both on Steam (download demo) and on Uplay right now.

The Division had a lot of potential and hype, being an RPG with third-person shooter mechanics set in post-. Unfortunately the mechanics was just not robust enough to be a online good looter-shooter ala Destiny on launch, but has received significant updates to rectify issues pointed out by players since last year.

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