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The Division 2 Open Beta Begins March 1st, Includes One New Mission And PVP Map


Looter shooter RPG The Division 2 gets an open beta this weekend. Ubisoft and developers Massive Entertainment have outlined what has changed since the Private Beta.

As for content, there will be one new main mission added, bumping the total to three. The PVP mode Skirmish also sees a new map being added, Capital Ruins. In addition, the open beta’s level cap is now level 8 instead of 7, though don’t expect progress from the private beta being carried over.

The Endgame and Dark Zone, and 5 side missions seen in the private beta will also be available as well.

There is also a long list of bug fixes and balance changes, You can read through them all here.

We liked what we played of The Division 2’s private beta, so if you have some interest of the game, go try out the open beta beginning March 1st. The Division 2 will be out on March 115th for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One.