The Crew: Motorfest First Impressions – On The Right Track

The open road awaits you and your sleek Porsche 911, you pull out of the area in full lock of the wheel and head on out as the Vibes play out. You have done your challenges for the week and now just having fun driving around the Hawaiian map as long as you like. 

Really, The Crew Motorfest looks to be the step-up that this racing series needed to fight the heavy hitters like Forza Horizon and even the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, with a pretty good list of changes that make it formidable towards them getting Racing Game of The Year.

Running Up That Hill

For starters, the handling of the game has been vastly different from the previous two iterations of the game and I couldn’t be happier. It feels like a mix of The Crew 2 and weirdly enough, Ubisoft Reflections’ Driver San Francisco. With the cars feeling different from each other after so long with the previous game’s handling, it feels like a breath of fresh air. There’s a need to make sure your car is controllable in the sharp corners and I love this new change. 

Another great thing that I should mention might sound strange for the casual reader but The Crew Motorfest and fully turnable steering wheel animation, amongst more simple animations make the experience more believable and personal does break its quite basic look from the previous generation.

Event types are now changed with it being more like a multi-part special, with stuff you might see in the likes of its rivals Forza Horizon or even the severely underrated racer Driveclub, as the gameplay changes that also varies from Electric pads to charge your Nitro to even driving without it in the Classics events. So far, it keeps the experience of doing the campaign quite fresh and it looks to be a positive change from the rank-and-file style of the previous games.

And Finally, we get to the map and Hawaii isn’t exactly as huge as the entirety of Ubisoft’s interpretation of the USA or even a previous edition of Oahu from a direct rival, with me circling the whole map looking for collectibles in around 25 minutes, which is fine because of the scale of the map being wide and expansion, from the aforementioned open-roads to even volcanic sand that you’ll be sending cars off from.

Final Thoughts

It’s looking like a positive delta for The Crew Motorfest, and while there’s no doubt about the longevity of the series just by seeing The Crew 2’s lifespan, but they have to nail the full launch period to make it memorable for not only long time fans, but newcomers as well. Only time will tell.

The Crew Motorfest will launch on September 14 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Uplay and Epic Games.

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